Frontpoint Security Review — Things You Should Know

Frontpoint Security Review

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a large number of startups come up with their own take on smart security. Frontpoint is an exception to this rule, as a more established company than similar competitors like abode and Scout. The experience of Frontpoint shines through in their product, with smooth and effective protection and more reliable alerts.

Frontpoint does not offer the ability for standalone self-monitoring, but that’s not it’s goal. When you buy Frontpoint, you’re buying responsive protection with quick police, fire, and medical dispatch when needed.

With excellent customer service, cellular monitoring, adjustable plans and wireless equipment, Frontpoint’s versatility and flexibility are a major strong point. However, with so many security systems out there, you’ll want to take a look at Frontpoint Security reviews to make sure it’s the best fit for your home. Read on below for our take on what Frontpoint brings to the table.

Frontpoint vs. ADT — Differences Explained

Frontpoint vs. ADT

ADT has been around for years at this point, and are one of the biggest brands in the security scene. However, the industry has come a long way in the past few years, and companies like Frontpoint are threatening the dominance of more traditional security providers. In our opinion, Frontpoint is the better security system by far — offering better contracts, easy DIY installation, and superior smart home control.

Frontpoint and similar systems like SimpliSafe have made protecting your home more convenient than ever before. Rather than relying on a company to come and wire your home with an expensive security setup, you can order a package, set things up, and monitor your property at a price that is accessible to most any homeowner.

Below we break down the similarities and differences of Frontpoint vs. ADT. If there’s specific information you’re looking for, however, feel free to jump right to the sections that interest you most using our handy navigation bar.

SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint — Differences Explained

SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint

We’ve come a long way from a security industry dominated by systems with cumbersome equipment and expensive contracts. SimpliSafe and Frontpoint are two systems leading the way in modern home monitoring equipment, and they both provide excellent protection for you and your family with intuitive technology and affordable prices. The two security systems are actually quite similar in many ways, but we do feel that Frontpoint is the better choice. It’s a little more expensive per month, but it also offers some extra features that are just too good to pass up.

While we might have a favorite when comparing SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint security, the truth is that both of these systems have quite a lot to offer. Both brands offer a user experience that is far better than the long contracts and complicated installation that more traditional service offer, and do so at a price point that is accessible for most any homeowner. The truly “best” system is going to depend on what you’re looking for when it comes to protecting your home.

Below we go into the similarities and differences of these two smart security systems. If you’d rather grab some quick information on a specific topic, feel free to use the navigation bar to jump to the section that interests you most.

Frontpoint vs. Vivint — Differences Explained

Frontpoint vs. Vivint

The technology behind security systems has continued to advance, and nowadays we have access to a huge lineup of brands that can keep our homes protected. Sorting through the various options available can be frustrating, as each system has their own take on home security with varying benefits and drawbacks. In the case of Frontpoint vs. Vivint, we’re big fans of Frontpoint’s easy installation, smart home integration, and automated system check feature.

Vivint certainly has its perks, but we definitely feel it falls a little flat when compared to the excellent that Frontpoint has to offer. The majority of smart security systems these days have the option for self-installation and are pretty easy to figure out on your own, while Vivint sees to cling to the trend of leaving home security to the professionals. Frontpoint offers comprehensive, no-nonsense security that is easy to navigate and understand.

We’re big fans of Frontpoint, but let’s break down the similarities and differences between the two security systems to help give you a sense of where they excel and where they fall short. If there’s specific information you’re looking for, you can also feel free to use the navigation bar to jump directly to the section that interests you most.