Brinks vs. ADT

Brinks vs. ADT

ADT has been on the market for well over 100 years, and are a major player in all things home security. But when it comes to smart security systems, are they truly the best out there? Today, we compare ADT security vs. Brinks — another security industry leader. Long story short, ADT’s extreme expense hold it back from taking the top spot.

Brinks is just all around the better option — largely due to the huge cost savings you’ll enjoy by passing on ADT. The company offers two different home security options: Home Complete and Home Complete with Video — both of which we’ll cover in this comparison.

Brinks also provides monitoring services for Nest, which is another viable option for home security. Check out our ADT vs. Nest Secure comparison for an idea of the features that they have to offer.

Below, we’ll break down the similarities and differences between Brinks and ADT. Read on for a full picture of what each system has to offer, or use our navigation bar to jump directly to the section that interests you most.

CES 2018: Smart Home Cameras • Overview

CES 2018: Smart Home Cameras Overview

After three days of wandering the Vegas desert, we’ve come back from CES with an idea of what’s cool in the smart home sphere.

The smart home camera market grows big with new, advanced solutions for smart home security. So, what’s trending in 2018? Simple motion detection is getting an upgrade to advanced human detection and facial recognition — cameras use AI to identify a person (Butterfleye) and even alert you when something doesn’t look or sound right (Cocoon).

New ecosystems are built to include sensors, sirens, smart locks, and doorbells to accompany smart cameras and create a unified security system.

It’s a turn from a wide-open platform where you can mix devices from different brands to a single vendor ecosystem with just a few exclusive partners to join in. These closed ecosystems potentially expose less vulnerabilities when it comes to security, though they also limit your choice to one particular product line.