Shark ION 720 vs. 750

Shark ION 720 vs 750

When most people think of smart vacuums, their mind instantly goes to Roomba. These vacuums have been around for years at this point and are definitely the most recognizable brand of smart robot cleaner, but what if you want something a little less expensive? The Shark ION 720 and 750 represent budget friendly options for smart vacuuming, and share many of the same features.

The differences when comparing the Shark ION 720 vs. 750 are minimal, and mainly come down to the fact that the 750 supports a WiFi connection while the 720 does not.

These vacuums do not feature the same intelligence as Roomba vacuums such as Memory-Mapping or Charge and Resume, but they will get your floors clean without breaking the bank.

Below we break down the similarities and differences to help give you a sense of what each model has to offer. Read on for a detailed breakdown of all the features, or use the navigation bar to jump to the section that interests you most.