Smart Kitchen Appliances Reviews 2018

Best Smart Kitchen Appliances 2018

Smart kitchen appliances

Just one year ago, the smart kitchen appliances category didn’t offer much — But, during 2017, we’ve seen growth in this category tenfold. As of now it offers us quite a lot of interesting smart home solutions for your kitchen. Finally, Internet of Things technology is slowly, but confidently getting to your kitchen.

The point of connected home is to make all your smart home appliances talk to one another. And very often smart kitchen appliances were left behind from the smart appliances family.

The good news is that, big-name manufacturers decided to team up with food-centric startups to bring connected home to a new level.

With this universal bound, you can now control some of your smart kitchen appliances with voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa. Or even coordinate the Nest thermostat with a smart oven. Whenever the oven is on, the Nest thermostat will lower the temperature level in a room.

We divided all smart kitchen appliances into the categories, so you can jump straight away to the one you’re interested in:

smart oven
Smart Ovens
smart food scale
Smart Scales
smart home shopping
Smart Home Grocery Shopping
smart water kettle
Smart Kettles
smart slow cooker
Smart Slow Cookers
smart watter bottle
Smart Kitchen Utensils
smart coffee maker
Smart Coffee Makers
smart fridge
Smart Fridges

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Smart Ovens

smart kitchen appliances 2018 - June smart oven

Do you enjoy cooking? Even if you don’t, with smart ovens you’ll reevaluate your attitude. And it’s not a joke. Imagine you have an oven that knows what you like and how you like it. It also cooks it for you without your physical presence. I mean, of course you still need to buy products and prepare them for the oven—that part is still on you. But for the cooking itself, you can enjoy your sweet, free time while the smart oven will be cooking you dinner. You can also get into the cooking process by monitoring and adjusting every step via an App.

Let’s take June Intelligent oven as an example. This smart oven allows you for total remote control from start to finish. All you need is to download the June App, and your smart oven control will be at your fingertips.
The June smart oven has HD camera and a built-in food thermometer. Watch your food come to life in real time. HD camera allows the oven to know what you’re cooking. Creepy, right? This knowledge will let the oven to suggest you the right recipes for the dish. By the way, the June smart oven also works with Nest.
Find out more details about its great features here:

Smart Scales

drop smart kitchen scale 2018

Don’t have enough flour to make chocolate chips cookie? Not a problem! With smart kitchen scale you can customize and adjust the proportions in seconds. No need to guess!

The Drop company offers smart kitchen scale and their own recipe App. The smart scale works with iPads, iPhones, and iPods. You can start with choosing a recipe from the App. Then, weigh the ingredients. And in case you want to make more or less than what’s in the recipe, you can always customize the recipe to your liking.

Cooking with the Drop kitchen scale is like playing a game. You watch the recipe, follow the steps, use the scale, and it’s all with a live feedback from the App on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.
Check out the smart kitchen scales video to get the feeling!
Smart kitchen appliances are still new. Not all of the appliances will succeed and stand up to competition. The Orange Chef Prep Pad started as a great idea. The Prep Pad can add up all the ingredients in a recipe and give you the total nutrition at the end. Yet, based on majority of customer reviews, it looks like the company got sold out. The App doesn’t work anymore. And the scale turned into a nice-looking brick in your kitchen.

Smart Home Grocery Shopping

Smart grocery shopping
Take grocery shopping to the new level! No need to keep everything in mind or download several apps to take care of grocery shopping. It all can be in one, small, smart kitchen device with one App. We are talking about Hiku the shopping button. Whenever you run out of a product, use the Hiku shopping button to keep track of all the goods you need. Scan the barcode, or press and say the product you need. And when you’re ready to shop, use the Hiku shopping list app at the store. Or, connect Hiku to online stores to make online shopping a breeze.

The lighter version of smart grocery shopping is Egg Minder. It’s a smart egg tray that you keep in your fridge with a few smart features. The Egg Minder has its own App. It syncs with the App on your smartphone to let you know how many eggs you’ve got at home in the egg tray. It also sends you push-notifications to warn you when the eggs are going bad. Also, the LED lights state the oldest egg. With the Egg Minder, you’ll never run out of eggs!

Smart Kettles

Make your life easier with a smart kettle. Get a WiFi kettle today and enjoy the precise control of hot water for your tea or coffee. You can even sync the kettle with your alarm. So whenever your alarm goes off, the kettle will start boiling water. No need to go to the kitchen every time you want to turn on the kettle. Just use an App. Welcome to the smart kitchen appliances world!

Smart Slow Cookers

Start cooking your dinner before leaving for work. Let the smart slow cooker handle the cooking process. Adjust cook settings from virtually anywhere!
Prepare the ingredients first and then control the whole cooking process using the WeMo App. Choose the temperature, cook time, and you’re all set! You can check the status of your meal any time and even turn the smart slow cooker off. Find out more about smart slow cookers in our WeMo Crock Pot Slow Cooker Review: The Good and the Bad

Smart Kitchen Utensils—Silverware, Plates & Cups

smart kitchen utensil hapifork
All this new smart kitchen utensils will keep you at your prime level. The smart fork—HAPIfork will coach you into healthier eating habits. Calculating calories you consume haven’t been easier. Pair the smart fork with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth and see your eating stats in real time.

Smart plate can count the calories you’re about to eat. It instantly analyzes the food on your smart plate. And you might be wondering how’s that possible? The answer is simple. The smart plate uses advanced photo recognition and AI technology to identify the food. Watch the Smart Plate video to learn more about it.
While calculating calories and staying true to your diet is important, drinking enough water is not less of importance.
Pryme Vessyl is a smart cup that reminds you to stay hydrated. It calculates your unique hydration needs based on your height, weight, age, and biological sex. Not only that, but it also includes ever-changing factors like your activity level, hours of sleep, and more. Analyzing this data, the Pryme Vessyl cup calculates the amount of water you need to drink to stay hydrated. You can also connect Pryme Vessyl to your Fitbit, Jawbone Up, or Apple Health. It’ll let you know how close you are to your prime.

Smart Coffee Makers

The way you spend the first 20 minutes of your morning can have a massive impact on the rest of your day. Does your morning ritual includes coffee? Then, we’ve got great news for you!
With smart coffee makers, you can wake up to freshly-brewed coffee to start your day. What a great time to be alive! Set weekly brew schedules for your smart coffee maker and have a hot pot of coffee ready whenever you want one.

The WeMo enabled Smart Coffee Maker also works with Alexa. Say “Alexa, trigger brew coffee”, and your smart coffee maker will make you freshly-brewed cup of coffee. Or, you can set the WeMo coffee maker to start brewing coffee whenever an Alarm goes off on your Echo. Isn’t it nice?
The Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker even reminds you to set up for brewing the night before.

Smart Fridges

Samsung Family Hub WiFi Refrigerator is a great example of smart fridges, yet also pretty expensive one. The Samsung smart fridge has a WiFi-enabled LCD touchscreen. The screen allows you to manage everything from temperature controls to your calendar. There’re also built-in cameras that you can access via a smartphone app. The cameras show you a live-feed of what’s in your fridge. That’s very useful, especially if you’re in a supermarket already and not sure if you have enough eggs.

Right now, smart fridge is like a usual fridge with a built-in tablet. Is it worth the price? Probably not. Based on the detailed comments, it seems like Samsung doesn’t offer much customer support. Also, it’s price is pretty high. But, once there’ll be more competitors, the price will probably drop.