Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis — What’s the Difference?

Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis

Schlage and Kwisket are two of the major brands competing in the smart lock space. And today we’ll take a closer look at two of their locks, the Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis, to get a better picture of what each lock offers for your home.

About Schlage and Kwikset Locks

Schlage and Kwikset — the two companies that have years of experience in producing innovative solutions for smart locks. Are they any good? Yes, but not all of them. Though, if you’re choosing between Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis — there’s nothing to worry about.

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Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis — Things in Common

Kwikset Premis Smart Lock App

Both Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis utilize Bluetooth and HomeKit technology, so you can use Siri voice control to lock and unlock the locks as well as check lock history and lock status.

The Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis have a lot in common, even their designs look alike. The locks feature backlit touchscreen keypads for simple access sharing with your family and friends. You can create and share up to 30 PIN codes. The codes can be for just one-time access, limited, or unlimited. Plus, you can specify a schedule for certain codes that only allow entry to your home during assigned hours, which lets you set up a scheduled PIN code for your dog sitter or maintenance service. This way you don’t need to worry about lost keys or unwanted access.

The installation process of the Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis might be a little bit tricky because you’ll need to replace your whole existing lock, both the exterior and interior parts, as well as the deadbolt. Improper installation may cause smart lock malfunction. So, make sure to follow the instructions and align the deadbolt with the latch perfectly. Or, just order Deadbolt Installation Service via Amazon.

Even though the Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis smart locks are very similar, there are a few important differences to mention. So, let’s get to them.

Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis — Differences

  • Difference #1: Remote Control – Right out of the box, you can control the Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis via their apps within their Bluetooth range. However, both locks also offer out of Bluetooth range control.

    Both Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis feature HomeKit Support, so all you need to do is connect them to your Apple hub for remote use. Make sure the Apple hub (Apple TV or iPad) is within the lock’s Bluetooth range and that the hub remains plugged in. With remote control, you can manage user codes, check the lock status, and lock/unlock the door from anywhere you are assuming that you have an internet connection.

    The Schlage Sense also offers an alternative option for remote control via the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. The adapter plugs into an outlet and serves as a bridge between a Schlage Sense smart lock and your home’s wifi network. Once everything is paired, you’ll get total remote control of the Schlage Sense smart locks via the Schlage app.

    So, when it comes to remote control, the Schlage Sense is one step ahead of the Kwikset Premis by offering two options: either via Apple HomeKit or the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. Whereas the Kwikset Premis smart locks allows for remote control only via Apple HomeKit.

  • Difference #2: App – The Schlage Sense app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. So, even if someone in your home is from the “enemy” camp, you’ll still have the common ground when it comes to using the Schlage Sense smart lock.

    The Kwikset Premis is only compatible with iOS devices; no Android allowed.

  • Difference #3: Built-in Alarm – Both the Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis feature a built-in alarm. Though, the alarms are there for different reasons.

    The Schlage Sense smart lock uses a 90 Db alarm to warn you about potential door attacks. The lock senses the vibration of the door to determine if the lock is under attack. The alarm can also be triggered by entering four incorrect PIN codes consecutively.

    The Kwikset Premis sounds only in the event of a brute force attack — after three incorrect consecutive codes are entered. Unfortunately, the lock doesn’t have sensors to detect forced entry, which makes it the less secure of the two locks.

  • Difference #4: Security – The Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis replace your whole standard lock, including its most important part — the deadbolt. So, essentially, it’s important to choose a bump-proof and pick-resistant deadbolt for better security and piece of mind.

    All locks are graded to meet ANSI/BHMA standards. The grades determine the quality of materials and hardware used. There are a total of three grades with Grade 1 being the most secure and Grade 3 the least.

    The Schlage Sense is a Grade 1 lock by ANSI which makes it one of the most secure options available. Whereas the Kwikset Premis is a Grade 2 lock.

  • Difference #5: Keypad Protection – When it comes to keypad protection, both locks are pretty secure, though they use different ways of protection.

    The Schlage Sense smart lock features a fingerprint-resistant finish, so there’s no way to pick a code based on the fingerprint marks.

    While Kwikset’s Premis touchscreen might not protect from fingerprints, it offers a SecureScreen feature. The SecureScreen feature requires you to press two random numbers before entering your PIN. This approach helps prevent thieves from guessing your personal codes by examining fingerprints on the touchscreen.

Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis — Comparison Chart

Schlage SenseKwikset Premis
Apple HomeKit
Apple HomeKit
Remote Controlvia Apple Home Hub
or WiFi Adapter
via Apple Home Hub
AppiOS, AndroidiOS only
InstallationExterior + interiorExterior + interior
Brute Force AlarmYesYes
Forced Entry AlarmYesNo
Shared Access30 codes max.30 codes max.
Lock GradeGrade 1Grade 2
Keypad TypeTouchscreenTouchscreen
Price[amazon_link asins=’B00YUPDUYE’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’justclickappl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’385c152a-e8db-11e7-9da1-9d79f875a056′][amazon_link asins=’B01MTKOL8Z’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’justclickappl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6d052400-e8d9-11e7-9347-23c96eabc567′]

Schlage Sense and Kwikset Premis Accessories

Schlage sense wifi adapter

Schlage offers a great range of accessories to improve the functionality of your Schlage Sense lock and match its beautiful design. With the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter you can get instant notifications whenever the lock is used, so you’ll never miss a visitor. The adapter gives you total control over your smart lock at your fingertips.

And with a wide collection of Schlage’s levers, handles, and knobs you can find the perfect set for your front door to match your home’s decor.

Kwikset also offers optional handlesets for the Premis Smart Lock. You can get them as a part of the Kwikset Premis smart lock kit or order them separately.

Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis — Our Thoughts

Schlage sense smart lock

When comparing the Schlage Sense vs. Kwikset Premis, it’s hard to pick between them because at the first sight the locks are very similar. However, one of them offers additional safety and more flexible options when it comes to remote control.

The Schlage Sense is a Grade 1 lock with a built-in alarm to warn you about brute force or forced entry. You can control the lock remotely via an Apple hub or the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. Plus, the Schlage Sense app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. All these advantages make the Schlage Sense smart lock an, overall, more secure and flexible option than the Kwikset Premis.

The Kwikset Premis is a Grade 2 lock with optional remote control only via HomeKit. Plus, the lock is only compatible with iOS devices.

The two locks are in a very close price range, which gives the Schlage Sense smart lock even more advantage over the Kwikset Premis.

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