Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Spotlight Cam

Know who’s at home with a Ring Cam!

Ring security cameras haven’t let us down when it comes to the myriad of great features that they offer. You can ensure that your home will be safe with technology such as live-view streaming, two-way audio, and even motion detection.

Today we’ll be looking at Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Spotlight Cam, and what makes them so great. Whether it’s the flexible power options that the Stick Up Cam provided or Ring Spotlight’s extreme weather durability, we’re sure there is a smart camera out there for you.

The All-New Ring Stick Up Cam comes in four different options: Battery, Plug-in, Solar, and Elite. The battery, plug-in, and solar are Gen 3 models; it’s pretty much the same camera, just with different accessories for power supply. Whereas the Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is rebranded Ring Stick Up Cam Wired Gen 2. So, today we’ll compare the new line of Ring Stick Up Cams (Battery, Plug-in, Solar, and Elite) to the Ring Spotlight Cam.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, Works with Alexa - White
Ring Stick Up Cam Elite, Power over Ethernet HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, Night Vision, White, Works with Alexa
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and a Siren Alarm, White, Works with Alexa

All-New Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Spotlight Cam — Differences

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery - Extras - 01

Difference #1: Power Options – When it comes to power options, the New Ring Stick Up Cams are pretty flexible. As it comes with four choices, battery, plug-in, solar, or wired.

The Ring Stick Up Battery will last you about 3-6 months, depending on the amount of usage. For example, live-view on demand might use more battery life, as well as the motion detection feature. The advantage of this power method is that you won’t have to worry about being without a security camera during a power outbreak. While the Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-in relies on AC power and Ring Stick Up Solar is heavily dependant on the sun’s energy.

The Ring Stick Up Elite, on the other hand, uses PoE, which stands for Power over Ethernet. This means that you can supply your camera using power and the internet via a single Ethernet cable. The advantage of this is that PoE provides a more stable and strong connection, without needing to worry about laggy live streams or delayed notifications.

Now, Ring Spotlight Cam comes in three different power options that you can opt for. Battery, wired 110-240 VAC AC plug) and even hardwired (110-240 VAC ).

However, even if Ring Spotlight does offer a more variety in terms of power options, it still falls short when compared to Ring Stick Up Cam’s PoE option, which has been proven to provide the most durable internet connection. If you’d like to know more about PoE, take a look at our article: What is Power over Ethernet?

Lastly, it’s also worth to note that with the Ring Spotlight Cam, you can also include an optional solar panel as a power option. It will provide your smart camera with an infinite source of power, while also cutting down on your energy costs.

Difference #2: Network Connection – A strong network connection is vital for your new smart camera, as a lot of its important features such as live-streaming, motion detection, and two-way audio rely on that.

Both Ring Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug-in/Solar and Ring Spotlight use a 2.4GHz network connection. However, on the other hand, Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is a lot more versatile, as it can use either 2.4GHz or even 5GHz.

It’s pretty handy if you already have a lot of devices connected to the 2.4FGz band, so you can take advantage of the 5GHz for a stronger internet connection.

Difference #3: Operating Temperature – If you are worried that your new smart camera might not be able to handle the extreme weather conditions that you may experience where you live, Ring Spotlight Cam Hardwired/Wired has you covered. Since it can withstand -22°F to 120°F temperature range. While all Ring Stick Up Cams and Ring Spotlight Cam Battery are better suited for temperatures ranging from -5°F to 120°F.

Difference #4: Field of View – A smart camera with a decent field of view will provide you with more security, and coverage of your property.

Luckily, Ring Stick Up Cam Elite does that, with its 150° horizontal and 85° vertical capabilities.

Especially when compared to Ring Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug-in/Solar 110° horizontal and 57° vertical measurements, or even Ring Spotlight’s 140°.

Difference #5: Motion Detection – You want to make sure that your new smart camera has good motion detection abilities so that it not only catches a potential intruder, but also doesn’t notify you about every single minor thing, such a tree blowing in the wind.

Once again, Ring Stick Up Cam Elite impresses us with its advanced motion detection abilities, meaning that you can adjust the sensitivity, so you’ll only receive alerts that matter.

While Ring Stick Up Cam Battery/Solar only has the Basic level of motion detection, and while Ring Spotlight does offer an advanced option too, it needs to be either wired or hardwired in order to do so.

Difference #6: Zoom – The zoom feature allows you to take a closer look at something or someone that interests you. Whether it’s identifying yesterday’s package thief, or seeing who was at your door, Ring Stick Up Cams have you covered.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available to Ring Spotlight Cam.

Difference #7: Design – In terms of size, Ring Spotlight Cam is significantly bulkier with its dimensions of 4.96 in x 2.72 in x 2.99 inches. While Ring Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug-in/Solar and Elite are identical in size with measurements of 2.36 x 2.36 x 3.82 inches.

Also, Ring Stick Up Cam Elite and Right Spotlight Cam come with either a color choice of white or black, so you can find the best tone to suit your home, whereas the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug-in/Solar is only available in white now.

Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In HD security camera with two-way talk, Works with Alexa - White
Ring Stick Up Cam Elite, Power over Ethernet HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, Night Vision, White, Works with Alexa
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and a Siren Alarm, White, Works with Alexa

All-New Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Spotlight Cam — Comparison Chart

 Ring Stick Up Cam EliteRing Stick Up Cam Gen 3Ring Spotlight Cam
Video resolution1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD
Frames per Second30 FPS30 FPS30 FPS
Video FormatH.264H.264H.264
On-Demand Live ViewYesYesYes
Record Live ViewSubscription RequiredSubscription RequiredSubscription Required
Field of View150° horizontal, 85° vertical110° horizontal, 57° vertical140°
PowerMicro-USB AC Plug or PoERechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery
Wired: 110-240 VAC
AC Plug
Hardwired: 110-240 VAC Hardwired
Optional Power SourceNoSolar PanelBattery: Solar Panel
Wired: N/A
Hardwired: N/A
Battery LifeN/ABattery: 3-6 months
Solar: indefinitely
Battery: 3-6 months
Solar: indefinitely
Two-Way AudioYesYesYes
Motion DetectionAdvancedStandardBattery: Basic
Wired: Advanced
Hardwired: Advanced
Motion ZonesCustom, up to 6AreasBattery: Areas
Wired: Custom, up to 6
Hardwired: Custom, up to 6
Person DetectionYesNoBattery: No
Wired: Yes
Hardwired: Yes
Facial RecognitionNoNoNo
Night VisionYesYesBattery: Black & White
Wired: Enhanced Color
Hardwired: Enhanced Color
Internet ConnectionWiFi: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
WiFi: 2.4 GHzWiFi: 2.4 GHz
Requires a Base StationNoNoNo
Siren110 dB built-into camera110 dB built-into camera110 dB built-into camera
24/7 RecordingNoNoNo
Local Backup StorageNoNoNo
Cloud StorageSubscription RequiredSubscription RequiredSubscription Required
Review, Share, & SaveSubscription RequiredSubscription RequiredSubscription Required
Instant App AlertsYesYesYes
App SupportAndroid, iOS, WebAndroid, iOS, WebAndroid, iOS, Web
Weather-resistantYes (Indoor/Outdoor)Yes (Indoor/Outdoor)Yes
LED LightsNoNoBuilt-in spotlights
Amazon AlexaEcho Show, Echo SpotEcho Show, Echo SpotEcho Show, Echo Spot
Operating Temperature-5°F to 120°F-5°F to 120°FBattery: -5°F to 120°F
Wired: -22°F to 120°F
Hardwired: -22°F to 120°F

All-New Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Spotlight Cam — Things in Common

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar extra

Live-View on Demand – All five Ring security cameras provide us with a clear 1080p HD video quality. Including 30 FPS, which is a lot more than most smart cameras offer, so you’ll be able to monitor both the inside as well as outside of your home with ease.

Additionally, all five cameras also use an H.264 motion-compensation-based video compressor. This allows your home internet to handle up to 4 cameras without compromising the speed.

Night Vision – Night vision is pretty much an important feature for any smart home camera. Luckily both Ring Stick Up Cams and Ring Spotlight Cam provide this technology, so you won’t have to worry about having to get out of bed every time you hear something in the middle of the night.

Two-Way Audio – Communicate with anyone at any time with the two-way audio function. This will allow you to say hello to your loved ones while at work, or even yell at the notorious package thief, the choice is yours!

Anti-theft Alarm – Worried someone might swipe your brand new camera? Well with Ring Stick up Cams and Ring Spotlight Cam, you won’t have to anymore. As all five cameras come with an extremely 110 dB loud siren, that should scare anyone off anyone who attempted to take that chance.

Sound Detection – Not only will your Ring Cam detect motion, but sound too! So you can check back on the audio, or anything else that catches your interest.

Alexa – With all five Ring Cams, you can enjoy voice commands too! Via the smart speaker such as Echo Show 5, you can ask Alexa to show any room your camera is set up in, or even turn off all the motion alerts for a bit of peace and quiet. A great way to watch over the kids, or sneak in a little nap.

App Support – With Ring Stick Up Cams and Ring Spotlight Cam you can enjoy full app control from any iOS or Android device. You can even take advantage of a web app too! For those moments when you don’t have your smartphone on you or prefer using the bigger screen.

Subscription Plan – With Ring, you also have the option of signing up for a subscription plan, which then allows you to take advantage of even more features, as well as extended cloud storage too!

Ring offers two different subscription options (besides the free one), Ring Protect Basic, and Ring Protect Plus.

The Basic Plan gives you impressive cloud storage of 60 days per camera, as well as video recording and sharing. It starts at $3 per month, so it’s a pretty affordable option to go for.

While Ring Protect Plus gives you all the additional features plus the storage plan for an unlimited number of cameras. Including 24/7 monitoring for the Ring Alarm system if you decide to go for that too.

IFTTT & Stringify – Smart home integration is pretty great, which is why all three Ring Cams are also compatible with IFTTT and Stringify, providing you with even more options to choose from.

All-New Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Spotlight Cam — Accessories

ring spotlight

If you decide that solar power is the way to go for your Ring Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug-in and Ring Spotlight, then be sure to check out the Super Solar Panel for Ring.

Also for all Ring cameras, you can even include a Ceiling or/and a Wall Mount in order to improve the motion detection, as well as the viewing angle for your new smart camera.

Don’t forget to take a look at a Quick Release Battery Pack for your new Ring Stick Up Cams or Spotlight camera, so you’ll always have a backup power option available ready at hand.

All-New Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Ring Spotlight Cam — Our Thoughts


When it comes down to Ring Spotlight vs. Stick Up Cams, all Ring smart cameras offer some pretty great features, such as smart home integration, flexible power options, and even the ability to integrate with a solar panel. Yet it’s quite clear that Ring Stick Up Cam Elite is the superior model.

The main reason being is the inclusion of Power over Ethernet. As it will not only provide you with a reliable internet connection, but it will also enable you to take advantage of extra useful functions, such as the advanced motion detection feature.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Ring Elite Video Doorbell also has a PoE option available, as well as other great functions to take advantage of.

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