Ring Chime vs. Chime Pro | Review

Ring Chime vs Ring Chime Pro

Whether you choose the Ring Chime or Chime Pro — it’s a must to have if you’re getting the Ring Video Doorbell. This simple, yet useful accessory makes sure you know when you have guests at your front door. The installation process is fast and simple: just plug in the Ring Chime into a standard outlet and connect it wirelessly to your Ring Video Doorbell. Choose from multiple alert tones, adjust volume control or set it to Do Not Disturb mode — and it’s all done from your phone.

Ring Chime vs. Chime Pro — Differences

So, what’s the difference between the Ring Chime vs. Chime Pro? The only difference between them is that Chime Pro also works as a Wi-Fi extender. Not only does Chime Pro extend your Wi-Fi signal, but it also amplifies your Ring alerts. So, if your doorbell is far from your router, or you think you’ll have problems with the WiFi connection to your Ring doorbell, make sure to get the Ring Chime Pro to boost Ring’s Network Signal.

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Our Score:
  • Ring Chime
  • Ring Chime Pro

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    1. @Mark – won’t know until you test. I have the Orbi system which should have been enough but I have an older house and the Ring wifi sucks azz. I had to purchase the Pro for myself. Depends on your situation. I recommend buying from Best Buy as they will take back products fairly easily these days if they don’t work out for you. I originally tried the Google mesh – it was TOO user friendly for me so I took it back to Best Buy and got the Orbi

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