Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 is a newer and arguably better version of the Argus wireless camera. For about $30 more, the Reolink Argus 2 offers better power and night vision options compared to the original camera. Is it worth the upgrade? Let’s figure it out in our Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2 in-depth comparison.


About Reolink Cameras

Reolink offers reliable security solutions for smart homes. Their budget-friendly smart wireless cameras come with an essential set of smart features. There’s nothing fancy yet, like face recognition, sound detection, motion zones, or third party integration. However, Reolink is constantly working on improving and upgrading their existing set of cameras to make them smarter and more secure.

Besides smart home cameras, Reolink also offers PoE and WiFi security camera systems with 24/7 monitoring and continuous video recording.

One of the latest projects is the Reolink Go — a wire-free, 4G, battery-powered camera. The camera is a perfect solution for areas with no WiFi. It also makes a great competitor to the Arlo Go camera. Check out the Reolink Go Indiegogo page for more information on the camera, as well as for early-bird discounts.

Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2 — Things in Common

Reolink Argus Camera in White Skin Outside

Both Reolink Argus and Argus 2 are 100% wire-free cameras which totally set you free from any wiring hassles. You can put the cameras wherever you’d like within range of Wifi. And whether you place them inside or outside, the cameras will provide you with 1080p full HD video at 15 FPS (frames-per-second).

The Reolink Argus and Argus 2 feature a 130-degree wide viewing angle that helps you reduce blind spots with the right camera placement. And just like other smart cameras, Reolink is dedicated to provide security solutions. Thus, both the Reolink Argus and Argus 2 come with a siren that sounds when the cameras detect motion while in armed mode.

The Argus cameras come with a PIR motion sensor. The sensor offers up to almost 20 feet of detecting distance. And even though the Argus cameras lack motion zones, you can still adjust the sensitivity level of motion detection through the Reolink app.

With the two-way audio, you can use Reolink Argus and Argus 2 cameras to listen and talk back through the built-in mic and speaker.

Reolink Argus and Argus 2 cameras are perfect for people who value privacy. The cameras offer local storage only. However, from what we’ve heard, cloud storage is planned for testing sometime in 2018.

Both the Argus and Argus 2 have an SD slot where you can insert a micro SD card to save all your video clips. The only problem with this approach is that an SD card can be stolen if intruders reach the cameras. One of the ways to solve this issue would be by adding a base station to store footage from the cameras locally or by providing optional cloud storage.

With all things said, Reolink offers a budget-friendly smart camera solution with a solid set of smart features for people who value privacy. And now that we know what the two cameras have in common, let’s get to their differences.

Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2 — Differences

Reolink Argus 2 Camera Outdoor

  • Difference #1: Power Options – The original Reolink Argus camera comes with four non-rechargeable lithium CR123A/3.0V batteries, so sooner or later (depending on how you use the Argus camera), you’ll need to buy new batteries. Unfortunately, the non-rechargeable batteries are the only option to power the original Argus camera.

    The Reolink Argus 2, on the other hand, comes with a rechargeable battery which allows for two charging options — you can charge the camera directly from an AC outlet or via the Reolink Solar Panel, if you’re using the camera outside.

    The Reolink Solar Panel is designed specifically for the Argus 2 and Argus Go cameras to provide them with continuous green power. The solar panel is an accessory and you can buy it separately.

  • Difference #2: Starlight Night Vision – Even though both cameras offer 1080p full HD night vision, the Argus 2 takes it a step further by offering the Starlight Night Vision aka colorful night vision.

    The Starlight Night Vision allows you to see everything in true color. Colorful night vision can potentially help you see valuable visual details to identify people, vehicles, or other objects in the video clip.

    The Starlight Night Vision is thanks to its improved CMOS sensor, therefore it should also improve Reolink Argus 2’s video performance during the day.

    The original Argus camera offers only black/white night vision, whereas with the Argus 2 you can swap back and forth between black/white and colorful night vision. You can even swap between modes while live streaming or recording if you’d like.

Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2 — Comparison Chart

Reolink Argus Reolink Argus 2
Video Resolution 1080p @ 15FPS 1080p @ 15FPS
Image Sensor 1/2.9″ CMOS Sensor 1/2.8″ CMOS Sensor
Starlight Night Vision No Yes
Lens Fixed, with IR CUT Fixed, with IR CUT
Angle of View 130° Diagonal 130° Diagonal
PIR Detecting Distance Up to 9 Meters (~30 feet) Up to 9 Meters (~30 feet)
PIR Detection Angle 120° Horizontal 120° Horizontal
Local Storage Micro SD Card Micro SD Card
Cloud Storage No No
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes
Intelligent Alerts Yes Yes
Image Compression H.264 H.264
Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz 2.4GHz
Rechargeable Battery No Yes
Optional Solar Power No Yes
Battery Level Indication Yes Yes
Ordinary Life 4-6 Months 4-6 Months
Operating Temperature 14°F–131°F 14°F–131°F
Dimension 113 x 65 x 54 mm 119 x 65 x 59 mm
Weight (Battery Included) 260g 350g
Waterproof Yes Yes

Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2 — FAQs

Reolink Argus Camera Outside

Are there any Argus subscription plans or hidden fees?
Reolink doesn’t offer cloud storage for now, as a result there are no Argus subscription plans available at the moment. The cameras offer local storage, so the only optional additional cost would be an SD-card if you want the cameras to record motion events. The cameras support microSD cards up to 64GB in size, and we’d suggest getting one if you don’t already have one.

Should I upgrade my Argus cameras to Argus 2?
If you’re tired of constantly replacing batteries on your Argus camera, you should definitely consider upgrading to the Argus 2 camera. In addition to savings from the rechargeable battery, you’ll also get more video modes with the Starlight Night Vision feature on the Argus 2 camera. Plus, you’ll be able to use the Reolink Solar Panel for constant green energy.

Reolink Argus and Argus 2 Cameras Accessories

Reolink Argus 2 Camera with Reolink Solar Panel

With the Reolink Skin Full Suit, you can add more color options to help you blend the Argus cameras with any environment. The two cameras use two different designs, so make sure you’re getting the right skins: Argus Skin Full Suit vs. Argus 2 Skin Full Suit.

The Argus 2 camera offers a wider range of accessories because of its power options. With the Reolink Solar Panel you can provide the Argus 2 camera with constant green power — should help you save big in the long run. And in case something happens to the Argus 2’s rechargeable battery, you can always replace it with a new one by getting it separately for ~$25.

Reolink Argus vs. Argus 2 — Our Thoughts

Reolink Argus Camera

Both Argus and Argus 2 offer a simple, yet smart solution when it comes to smart home security. With the Argus cameras you can enjoy wireless freedom and simple control. You won’t find advanced features like face detection, motion zones, or smart-home integration yet.

However, the Reolink Argus cameras are perfect for people who value their privacy and want to keep their videos off the Internet or cloud storage. With absolutely zero subscription plans or hidden fees, the Reolink Argus cameras are as transparent as they can be. And if you’re choosing between the Argus vs. Argus 2, we’d recommend going with the Argus 2 camera.

The Argus 2 is about $35 more expensive than the original Argus camera. However, in the long run, it’ll save you money with its rechargeable battery and the option of Solar Panel charging. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy night vision in true 1080p HD colors.

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