Publisher Ethics

What We Do

Our focus is research. Most people don’t have the time to look up all the differences and pitfalls of every product they buy. It takes too long and there’s too much information to sift through. Our job is to collect all the information that’s important and present it to our readers.

We’ve collected hundreds of tables, spec info, reviews, and a ton more to help you decide which smart home products are best for your home.

How We Recommend

We compare all the products on the market and suggest based on how a product’s features align with the market norm. Some products we purchase (aside: robot vacuums are amazing and save you so much time), and other products we do not. We can’t possibly afford everything on the market.

But our focus is that of research; we put a hell of a lot of time into it, and that’s how we go about recommending.

No company has ever, nor will ever, pay us to recommend their products. In fact, quite the opposite: a lot of our data collection has created some scathing reviews of companies that just don’t care about making quality smart home products (looking at you Blink).