eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Differences Explained

eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2

Make your security camera smart!

Smart home security is pretty important in this day and age, luckily with the help of smart cameras, you will have one less thing to worry about.

With useful features such as live-view on demand, motion detection, night vision, and more, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get one sooner!

Now we’re going to look at both eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2, and the great features they can offer for your home. Whether it’s eufyCam’s impressive local storage that you like or Arlo’s flexible smart home integration, your perfect camera is out there.

So let’s get right to it and check out both models below!

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Wireless Home Security Camera System, eufy Security eufyCam E 365-Day Battery Life, 1080p HD, IP65 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, 2-Cam Kit, No Monthly Fee
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eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Things in Common

  • Live-View Streaming – Enjoy live streaming with both eufyCam E and Arlo Pro 2! You can easily view what’s going on at all times in clear 1080p HD clarity, both inside and outside your home. Perfect for when you’re expecting guests or keeping an eye on your kids.

  • Two-Way Audio – Talk with anyone at any time, with the two-way audio feature. This great addition allows you to greet your guests, or even direct the postman on where to leave your new package.

    It’s also handy for inside the home too, it can be used to say hello to your loved ones, or even potentially warn off intruders too!

  • Night Vision – Additionally, both eufyCam and Arlo Pro 2 can be used to monitor your property both day and night, so you won’t have to be concerned about any odd noises while you’re tucked in, as you can easily check your smartphone from the comfort of your bed to see what’s up.

  • Motion Detecting – Get alerts that matter with eufyCam E and Arlo Pro’s motion detection technology.

    You’ll receive notifications via the app if any motion is caught within your camera’s field of view.

  • Alexa – Connect both eufyCam and Arlo Pro 2 with your Alexa, to utilize voice commands for an even more fun way to operate your smart cameras.

    All you need are smart speakers like Echo Show or Echo Spot, and you’re ready to go!

    You can try voice commands such as “Alexa, show me living room”, or “Alexa, turn off motion alerts.”

  • Network – A good WiFi connection is essential in order for your security cameras to work properly. While both smart devices support a 2.4GHz connection, it is vital you check that out before purchasing your new device.

    If you’re worried about it, you can look into buying a WiFi extender such as Google WiFi.

eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Differences

Arlo Pro 2 - Extras - 08

  • Difference #1: Power Options – With Arlo Pro 2, you have two power options, letting it run on battery power, or utilizing the AC option.

    When it’s relying on battery power only, you can take advantage of 3-6 months of continuous usage. However, it doesn’t beat eufyCam’s impressive 1 year worth of battery life.

    So in terms of battery life, eufyCam definitely comes out ahead.

    Yet, if you decide to go for the AC option, you won’t have to worry about needing to recharge any batteries, and it’s worth mentioning that Arlo Pro has also a solar panel addition that you can include, which will last you indefinitely.

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  • Difference #2: Storage – Storage-wise, eufyCam impresses us with free local storage of up to 16GB with its microSD chip, which can save up to a year’s worth of recordings! (averaging 30s footage, 10 times per day).

    No monthly fees are required in order to take advantage of this feature, yet if you want to amp that up, even more, you can opt for a cloud storage plan that suits you.

    While Arlo Pro 2 offers us a 7-day free cloud storage plan, which you can then extend if you wish. However, in terms of local storage, it’s all stored to a USB in Arlo’s Pro base. It’s worth mentioning that Arlo’s local storage can not be used on its own, it’ll just duplicate saved video clips from cloud storage. However, in case of Internet outage, it’ll be a real life-saver since all the motion-triggered recording will be saved to USB and sync with cloud once the Internet is up.

  • Difference #3: Field of View – Having a wide field of view is crucial in terms of security, as it’s what determines how much of your property you’ll actually be able to see.

    eufyCam E wins this with its 140° wide-angle lens vs. Arlo Pro 2’s 130°. While it might not seem like a lot, that extra 10° can determine if you can identify the package thief from yesterday.

  • Difference #4: Zoom – The zoom feature is essential when you need to take a closer look at that package thief. Luckily Arlo Pro 2 has you covered with its impressive 8x digital zoom technology.

    Unfortunaltye eufyCam E has no such feature available.

  • Difference #5: Google Assistant – While both eufyCam E have Amazon Alexa integration available, only Arlo Pro 2 has Google Assistant available.

    So that’s great news for those of you who prefer using Google Hub for all your voice command needs.

  • Difference #6: IFTTT – Not only that but Arlo Pro 2 is also compatible with IFTTT too!

    IFTTT allows you to basically have all your smart devices communicate with each other, which means that you can do things like, having your smart lights turn blue when motion is detected, or log a motion straight to your Google Drive, how cool is that?

  • Difference #7: Motion Zones – While motion detection is a very useful feature, Arlo Pro 2 takes it a step further with its ability to monitor up to 3 activity zones, when it’s plugged in.

    So that means you can keep a closer eye on higher risk zones such as the designated area for your packages, or even the nursery, acting as a baby monitor.

  • Difference #8: Subscription Plan – We have already discussed that you can include a cloud subscription with your eufyCam E if you want to extend its storage capacity.

    However, for Arlo Pro 2 you can both increase its cloud storage, while also accessing additional features.

    With Arlo Smart, you can get up to 30 days worth of cloud storage as well as person, vehicle and animal detection. That costs $2.99 monthly per camera installed, with the option of upgrading to other subscription plans that offer even more cloud storage, as well as the number of cameras covered.

  • Difference #9: Design – In terms of design, both eufyCam E and Arlo Pro2 are quite similar, they both are almost identically shaped, and come in white.

    Both eufyCam E and Arlo Pro are compact, modern and easy to place all-around your home, indoors and outdoors.

Wireless Home Security Camera System, eufy Security eufyCam E 365-Day Battery Life, 1080p HD, IP65 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, 2-Cam Kit, No Monthly Fee
Sale Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount | Cloud Storage Included | 2 camera kit (VMS4230P)

eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Comparison Chart

eufyCam EArlo Pro 2
Resolution1080p HD1080p HD
Local StorageFree 16GB Local StorageVia the Base
Cloud StorageOptional7-Day Free / Subscription
Two-Way AudioYesYes
Live-View on DemandYesYes
Weatherproof-4°F to 122°F-4° to 113° F
Night VisionYesYes
Field of View140° wide-angle lens130°
ZoomNo8x Digital Zoom 
Power OptionsRechargeable BatteryRechargeable Battery
Anti-Theft AlarmYesNo
Motion DetectionYesYes
Motion ZonesNoYes
Person DetectionNow/Subscription
Sound DetectionNoYes
Dimensions1.9 x 0.8 x 1.5 inches3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches

eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Accessories

eufy Security eufyCam E extra

Now that we have gone over both eufyCam E and Arlo Pro 2, let’s check out some of the accessories that they both offer.

While we already know that eufyCam E comes with a 16GB microSD card already included, you can amp that up even more by purchasing a 128GB microSD card, for even more local storage to take advantage of.

Give your Arlo Pro 2 an aesthetic look while still protecting it from outdoor elements such as sun glare and rain with a Set of 3 Skins in Black for Pro.

If you decide to solely rely on battery power for your Arlo Pro 2, it’s a good idea to include a Rechargeable Battery for Pro and Pro 2, so you won’t be stuck when it runs out.

eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2 — Our Thoughts

Arlo Pro 2 - Extra - 05

So in conclusion, when it comes to deciding between eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2, it’s a tough call to make.

It’s difficult to overlook eufyCam’s impressive 16GB local storage, as well as its wide-angle field of view. It’s also great to have a smart camera that doesn’t have any hidden monthly fees, apart from the optional cloud storage of course.

However, when you take into account Arlo Pro’s smart home integration, advanced zoom, and flexible power options and custom motion zones, we feel that all those features combined make Arlo Pro 2 the best option between the two.

Our Score:
  • eufyCam E
  • Arlo Pro 2

Let us know what you think!

Have you noticed other differences between eufyCam E vs. Arlo Pro 2? Feel free to add them or share your experience with the products in the comments section below. Your input can help other people make the right choice!

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