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eufyCam Comparison — Differences That Matter

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The main differences between all six eufy cameras are: video quality, battery life, spotlight, and HomeKit. We’ve put together a differences chart for a quick overview. You can also scroll down for a detailed explanation of each difference, a full-feature chart, and our recommendation on which eufycam to go with at the bottom.

eufyCam Differences Chart

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Differences Between eufyCam Models

image/svg+xml Difference 1
Video Quality

Unlike all other outdoor eufy cameras, the eufyCam 2 Pro and 2C Pro offer 2K video quality which provides more details and makes the image more sharp and clear. The rest of the outdoor product line can only offer 1080p maximum, which is pretty good but not as good as 2K.

image/svg+xml Difference 2
Improved Sony Sensor

The eufyCam 2, 2 Pro, and 2C Pro are the only eufy cameras that offer an improved Sony Sensor which results in better night vision. However, even without the sony sensor, all other eufy cameras show good results recording at night.

image/svg+xml Difference 3
Field of View

The wider the field of view, the more area you can capture with the eufy camera. Almost all eufy cameras feature the same field of view of 140 degrees, however, the eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro have a 135-degree FoV. It’s a little bit less than other eufy cameras, nevertheless, it’s still pretty good.

image/svg+xml Difference 4
Motion Zones

Motion zones help reduce false motion notification. You can outline certain zones like a doorway or a window, and get notifications only when there’s motion within those zones.

It’s an absolutely necessary feature especially if you install the cameras facing the street. You really don’t want to be bothered every minute by a motion notification about a passerby. With motion zones activated, you’ll have notifications that actually matter.

Unfortunately, the eufyCam 1 and eufyCam E don’t offer motion zones. Instead, they offer adjustable sensitivity, which is ok but nearly not as good.

The eufyCam 2, 2 Pro, 2C, and eufyCam 2C Pro, on the other hand, feature motion zones. So if you’re planning to face your cameras towards some unnecessary movement (like a street, or a big tree), then eufyCam 2 models are the way to go.

image/svg+xml Difference 5
Battery Life

All eufy cameras except for the eufyCam 2C offer a 365-day battery life. The eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro offer half of that, 180 days only.

image/svg+xml Difference 6
Weather Rating

eufy cameras come in two types of weather rating: IP67 and IP65.

The IP67 covers submersion in water whereas the IP65 covers water jets sprays.

eufyCam 1, eufyCam 2, 2 Pro, 2C, and 2C Pro feature the IP67 whereas the eufyCam E can only offer IP65.

image/svg+xml Difference 7
Facial Recognition

All eufy cams, except for the eufyCam E, can recognize humans.

image/svg+xml Difference 8

All eufy cams offer local storage. The eufyCam 1 and eufyCam E use a 16GB MicroSD Card for primary local storage and in case you want to expand the local storage, you can use an SD Card of up to 128GB.

The eufyCam 2, 2 Pro, 2C, and eufyCam 2C Pro, on the other hand, use 16GB eMMC internal storage, so you can securely store up to 3 months of recordings. And in case you want to expand, USB storage expansion is coming soon for the eufyCam 2, 2C, and 2C Pro.

image/svg+xml Difference 9
Homebase Battery Backup

In case of a power outage, the base station will continue recording so no movement will go unnoticed. The battery can last up to 48 hours.

Only the eufyCam 1 and eufyCam E come with a homebase battery backup. 

image/svg+xml Difference 10
Spotlight LED

With a spotlight, you can shine some extra light on the coverage area. Spotlight LED is only available with the eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro. Even though it’s not super bright, it does offer color night vision.

image/svg+xml Difference 11

All cameras support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, when it comes to HomeKit, things are not as unanimous.

With HomeKit you can connect products from different manufacturers for simple control via a Home app or Siri. Right now HomeKit is only available on eufyCam 2, 2C, 2 Pro, and 2C Pro connected to eufy HomeBase 2. Also, support for HomeKit Secure Video is already available too.

image/svg+xml Difference 12
Anti-Theft Alarm

In the event that your eufyCam security camera is being forcibly removed, a 100-decibel siren will sound to notify everyone in the nearby area. eufyCam 2C and 2C Pro are the only eufy cameras from the product line that doesn’t offer this feature.

It’s worth mentioning that sometimes this feature does need some work to perform as promised.

image/svg+xml Difference 13

eufyCam 1, 2, and 2 Pro have a rectangular shape whereas the eufyCam E and 2C have a more square shape which makes them more discreet.

eufyCam Full Feature Chart

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eufyCam Pricing

eufycam 2C Pro smart camera

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Which eufyCam is Best For My Smart Home?

eufycam 2 pro smart camera

[amazon link=”B07W1P3GLM” title=”eufyCam” link_title=”eufyCam on Amazon” /] is perfect for you if…

You don’t care about HomeKit, and will place your camera in a quiet area with minimum movement and good lighting during the night time (since the camera is lacking movement zones and a spotlight). 

[amazon link=”B07KWNMB8Z” title=”eufyCam E” link_title=”eufyCam E on Amazon” /] is perfect for you if…

You want a good quality camera and you don’t really care about HomeKit or Facial Recognition. 

[amazon link=”B07Z35RM2Q” title=”eufyCam 2″ link_title=”eufyCam 2 on Amazon” /] is perfect for you if…

You want a camera that will perform well no matter if it’s day or night. With its Improved Sony Sensor for night vision and HomeKit support, this camera is one of the best on the market. The only downfall is that it doesn’t have Homebase Battery Backup.

[amazon link=”B08922VDK3″ title=”eufyCam 2 Pro” link_title=”eufyCam 2 Pro on Amazon” /] is perfect for you if…

You’re looking for better video quality (2K), a wide field of view to cover more area (140 degrees), and HomeKit support to control all your smart tech from one app or via Siri.

[amazon link=”B07W1HKYQK” title=”eufyCam 2C” link_title=”eufyCam 2C on Amazon” /] is perfect for you if…

You plan to place it in a safe location since it doesn’t have the anti-theft alarm. Other than that, this a good quality camera, with motion zones and 180-day battery life. Perfect for HomeKit fans.

[amazon link=”B08C4TDK5N” title=”eufyCam 2C Pro” link_title=”eufyCam 2C Pro on Amazon” /] is perfect for you if…

You’re looking for a high video quality (2K) and don’t really care about the anti-theft alarm.