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Compare Smart Home Lighting

Parts of Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is arguably one of the easiest ways to start turning your home into a smart home — it’s easy to install, set, and control. There are a few different ways of implementing smart lighting.

One of the easiest ways is changing your standard light bulbs to smart light bulbs. The whole installation process will probably take no longer than 5 minutes, since no wiring is required, and moments after installation you can control your lights remotely straight from your smartphone.

Another option is installing in-wall smart dimmers and switches, which can be a little difficult if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with your home’s wiring. And even though the installation process is difficult, the end result is the same — smart lighting control at your fingertips.

There’s one more option that offers the same features as smart in-wall dimmers and switches and is as easy to install as smart bulbs — smart plug-in outlets and dimmers. No wiring is required, just use the smart plug-in outlet or dimmer like a bridge between your standard outlet and the lights that you want to plug in. Pretty simple if you ask us.

Our Favorite Smart Lighting

Ideally, you’d have a combination of all three smart lighting types. As an example, for living room and bedroom lighting it’s better to get Philips Hue lights — a mix of Philips Hue light bulbs and lightstrips. With 16 million colors to choose from you can set scenes to match your mood and even sync lights with movies to bring Netflix binges to a whole new level.

For rooms where one light switch controls a few bulbs, it’s better to install a smart switch or dimmer. This way you can still get the benefits of smart lighting while cutting the cost — smart light switches are likely to be cheaper than smart light bulbs, especially since one light switch can control multiple light bulbs.

And finally, for outside lighting, our top pick is the GE Smart Outdoor Outlet — it’s easy to install, easy to control, and fun to use. It’s a plug-in outlet, so no wiring is required. Plus, you can use it to control not only outdoor lighting, but also other small appliances.

Please note that some smart lighting solutions require a hub or a bridge to function. You can learn more about hubs and bridges here.

For Inside:For Outside:

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