Canary All-in-One vs. Canary View

Smart cameras offer valuable protection for your family, and they are more economical than ever before. When comparing the Canary All-In-One vs. Canary View, it’s clear that both cameras have their perks to offer; we do feel, however, that the All-In-One model has some extra features that make it a little bit more comprehensive offering.

Canary’s cameras have some decent technology backing them, and the two models are pretty similar. The All-In-One adds in some extra features like air sensors and sirens, but at their core, these two models offer roughly the same sort of coverage. What really holds the Canary brand back, however, is the consumer-unfriendly subscription model.

Below we break down the similarities and differences of these two smart camera models. Read on for the full picture, or use the navigation bar to jump directly to the sections that interest you most.

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Canary All-in-One vs. Canary View — Things in Common

  • Video Quality – Regardless of the model you decide on, you’ll enjoy 1080p HD resolution recorded at 30FPS. The 147° field of view also ensures you’ll get a full picture of any room with minimal blind spots.

  • Zoom – With a 3x digital zoom, both the Canary All-In-One and Canary View should be able to give you a clear picture of the action — whether the commotion is up close or far away. The zoom feature allows you to capture the details that matter most and can make the difference between the authorities apprehending an intruder and allowing them to go free.

  • Live View – With either camera, you can access and record an on-demand live view at any time, which is perfect for checking in on things while away from home.

  • Power – Unlike some other cameras which run off of a battery, your Canary cameras run off of a 100-240V hardwired power supply. This means that the electronics will receive a steady and stable stream of power, but with a downside of leaving your home completely unmonitored in the event of a power outage. If you’re looking for uninterrupted recording, 24/7, we recommend checking out a camera like the Arlo Pro 2 that can keep running even if the power goes down while saving everything to local storage.

  • Two-Way Audio – With a Canary subscription, you can use the Canary Talk two-way audio feature to have conversations with anyone at home. It’s great for scaring off intruders, or even just to scold your dog off of the furniture.

  • Motion & Sound Detection – Both cameras are equipped with pretty sophisticated motion and sound detection.

    The motion zones capability includes a feature called Masking that allows you to filter out activity that shouldn’t trigger recording, ensuring that you only receive alerts when there is legitimately suspicious behavior. The Masking simply signifies a zone within the Canary’s field of view that you’d like to exclude from monitoring, which will block recording in that area and disable notifications from movement. It’s the perfect perk for blocking off high-traffic areas like a public path or street so that your phone isn’t spammed with notifications.

    Canary cameras also include a person detection functionality for free that does a good job of letting you know when there is human activity without the hassle of false alarms. In case you want to take person detection a step further, make sure to check out the Nest Cam IQ that features facial recognition and built-in Google Assistant. Always know when a friend or an intruder shows up in your home with an intelligent AI.

  • Night Vision – There’s no reason that your camera should stop working after dark. Rest assured that your Canary cameras will continue recording 24/7 with high-quality automatic night vision.

  • Cloud Storage & Subscriptions – Both brands work off the same cloud storage and subscription model, and various features are locked behind a monthly fee.

    Whether you opt for a subscription or use the free basic plan, you’ll have access to the ability to tune into your video stream and view HD video and audio on your phone. As far as motion-activated recording goes, however, the membership allows you to record full-length videos while the free plan is limited to 30-second clips. Additionally, members have access to 30 days of video storage while free footage is only stored for 24 hours.

    There are also a whole host of features with the membership that add additional security and convenience. When you pay $9.99 per month or $99 per year, you’ll have access to unlimited video downloads, Canary Talk two-way audio, and custom modes that allow you to configure the way your cameras behave while you’re at home or away. Also locked behind the subscription is One-Touch Access to first responders. In the event of an emergency, hold your thumb on the safety button. if you’re safe, remove your finger and enter a PIN, but if you take your finger off the button and don’t enter the code, help will be immediately dispatched to your location.

    Other subscription benefits include a two-year warranty instead of one year and access to incident support services who are trained to assist following an emergency.

    Ultimately, while the subscription isn’t very expensive, a lot of the features that make the Canary cameras so great are locked behind a monthly fee that can add significant costs over time.

  • MembershipFree Access
    24/7 Watch LiveYesYes
    Motion-activated RecordingFull-length videosVideo Clips (up to 30 seconds)
    Video History30 Days1 Day
    Person DetectionYesYes
    Safety ButtonYesNo
    Unlimited Video DownloadsYesNo
    Two-way Canary TalkYesNo
    Desktop StreamingYesNo
    Advanced DetectionYesYes
    Activity Zone MaskingYesYes
    One-touch Access to First RespondersYesYes
    Custom ModesYesNo
    Device Warranty2 Years1 Year
    Incident Support ServicesYesNo
    Price$9.99/month or $99/year first 5 devicesNo monthly fee, up to 4 devices
  • Voice Control – These smart cameras work with popular smart assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can even watch your camera feed on devices like the Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Fire TV.

  • Geofencing – arming and disarming your cameras can be a hassle, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that with the Canary All-In-One and Canary View due to their support for Geofencing. During “Away Mode,” Canary will monitor for activity and send notifications, while “Home Mode” will disarm the cameras when a household member is at home.

    When your family is at home and in bed, you can also trigger “Night Mode” to prompt your cameras to monitor for activity and send notifications while you’re asleep.

  • Privacy Mode – Last but not least, the Privacy Mode on both cameras allows you to easily disable the camera and microphone with a simple press of a button.

Canary All-in-One vs. Canary View — Differences

Canary all in one indoor

  • Difference #1: Internet Connection – The first difference when comparing the Canary All-In-One vs. Canary View is the way that they handle internet connections.

    The Canary All-In-One works with 2.4 GHz WiFi, and also supports an Ethernet connection. This gives you the flexibility to place the camera wherever you please, as well as the option for increased stability through a hard-wired connection.

    The Canary View only works with WiFi, and has no support for Ethernet connections.

  • Difference #2: Siren – Both cameras do an admirable job of monitoring your home, but the Canary All-In-One takes things a step further with a built-in siren. With a tap of your finger in the Canary app, you can sound a 90-decibel siren or connect directly with emergency services. This allows your camera not only to monitor your home but to help you take action in the face of danger.

    Unfortunately, the Canary View does not support a siren.

  • Difference #3: HomeHealth Technology – One of the more unique aspects of the Canary All-In-One is the inclusion of HomeHealth Technology. This means that, in addition to providing quality home monitoring through a video feed, your camera will also be able to give you information regarding the temperature, humidity, and air quality of your home. It’s not a feature we see too often from security cameras and it’s a nice extra perk to have in order to have a more comprehensive picture of the status of the room. It doesn’t make much of a difference from a security standpoint, but we’re never one to complain about some extra capabilities!

    The Canary View does not support any sort of HomeHealth Technology, with its utility limited to video monitoring.

  • Difference #4: Sensors – Both cameras are equipped with an Ambient Light and Capacitive Touch sensor that allow them to better keep an eye on your surroundings. However, the All-In-One camera takes things one step further with a 3-axis accelerometer. This technology can detect when the unit is moved or smashed, which could be a game changer in the event of a home invasion.

  • Difference #5: Color – Last on our list of disparities are some minor differences in aesthetics. The Canary All-in-One is designed with a black and white color scheme, while the Canary View is Black and Grey. Neither one is necessarily better, although we do feel that the Canary View does a little bit better job of blending in since it’s dark as a whole rather than black contrasting starkly with white.

Sale CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera with Built-in Siren and Climate Monitor, Motion / Person / Air Quality Alerts, Works with Alexa, Insurance Discount Eligible - Black
CANARY: View Indoor Security Camera 1080p HD Wide-Angle Lens | Motion-activated Alerts. ALEXA, iOS, Android, Google, (Pets, Grandparents, Baby, House Monitoring), Black

Canary All-in-One vs. Canary View — Comparison Chart

Canary All-in-OneCanary View
Video resolution1080p1080p
Frames per Second30FPS30FPS
On-Demand Live ViewYesYes
Record Live ViewYesYes
Field of View147°147°
Zoom3x digital zoom3x digital zoom
Power100-240V power supply100-240V power supply
Optional Power SourceNoNo
Battery LifeNo Battery No Battery
Two-Way Audiowith Membershipwith Membership
Motion DetectionYesYes
Motion ZonesYesYes
Person DetectionYesYes
Facial RecognitionNoNo
Sound DetectionYesYes
Night VisionHigh-quality automatic night visionHigh-quality automatic night vision
Internet ConnectionWiFi: 2.4GHz
WiFi: 2.4GHz
HomeHealth TechnologyTemperature
Air quality
Sensors3-axis accelerometer
Ambient light
Capacitive touch
Ambient light
Capacitive touch
Privacy ModeYesYes
Sirenbuilt-in 90 decibelNo
Local Backup StorageNoNo
Cloud Storage1-day Free or Subscription1-day Free or Subscription
Download VideosWith SubscriptionWith Subscription
e911 Emergency CallYesYes
Instant App AlertsYesYes
App SupportAndroid, iOS Free
Web With Subscription
Android, iOS Free
Web With Subscription
Amazon AlexaYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
DimensionHeight: 6 in (152.4 mm)
Diameter: 3 in (76.2 mm)
Height: 6 in (152.4 mm)
Diameter: 3 in (76.2 mm)

Canary All-in-One vs. Canary View — Our Thoughts

canary all in one setup

All in all, when comparing the Canary All-in-One vs. Canary View, it’s clear that both cameras are pretty high quality and have a lot going for them. In this case, it’s also pretty apparent that the All-In-One is the superior camera due to the inclusion of the additional sensor, HomeHealth technology, and support for sirens.

While Canary is a great brand from a technology standpoint, we do feel that they are held back from greatness due to the way they structure their subscription plans. With features like desktop support, two-way audio, and support for more than 1 day of video storage locked behind a monthly fee, it becomes difficult to recommend the brand when compared to competitors that offer similar features at a more attractive price.

Companies like Arlo offer 7 days of free cloud storage, and the Ring Stick-Up Cam offers video storage for up to 60 days for just $3 per month. So, ultimately, the Canary All-in-One is probably your best bet when comparing these two cameras, but with how many choices there are on the market, we feel that your hard-earned cash is better spent elsewhere.

Sale CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera with Built-in Siren and Climate Monitor, Motion / Person / Air Quality Alerts, Works with Alexa, Insurance Discount Eligible - Black
CANARY: View Indoor Security Camera 1080p HD Wide-Angle Lens | Motion-activated Alerts. ALEXA, iOS, Android, Google, (Pets, Grandparents, Baby, House Monitoring), Black

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