Arlo Security Camera Review — Good and the Bad

Arlo Security 3 Camera Kit

Today, in this Arlo security camera review we’ll go over the good and the bad aspects you should know before buying it. All the pros and cons are briefly summarized. Let’s check if this wireless security camera worth a shot.

What is an Arlo security camera?

Arlo vs. Arlo Pro: What’s the Difference?Arlo security camera is 100% wire-free, weatherproof camera for your home security system. This tiny device can keep you updated with everything that is happening in or at your home. Hook it up with a free Arlo app and get an instant video control over your home. You can have up to 15 cameras connected to one system. Check livestreams, record videos, and set motion sensors from your smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection. So far, so good. But let’s find out more.

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The good about Arlo security camera:

arlo waterproof camera

  • 100% wire-free: this is probably one of the main reasons why you consider buying this camera. The idea is that you can place the camera absolutely anywhere: in a living room, kitchen, at the porch, or patio. No wires means no limits.
  • HD quality: camera uses 110-degree field of view to capture crystal clear 720p video.
  • Weatherproof: feel free to place Arlo security cameras outdoors. Whether it’s hot or cold, wet or dry, Arlo cameras are designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions.
  • Cloud storage: you’ll have an access to all of your recording within the last 7 days for free. Check them out any time, save them on your cloud, or share with your friends. There is only 1GB of free cloud storage available. If you’re looking for more storage and features, you’ll need to consider an upgrade.
  • Night vision: if you want to monitor the cameras in the dark, there is no need for additional lighting. Even in total darkness, Arlo cameras will record high-quality video since they have infrared cut-off filters and 850nm LEDs capabilities.
  • Motion alerts: whenever there is a motion detected, Arlo camera starts recording and immediately alerts you via Arlo app. Since Arlo cameras work on batteries, the motion feature dramatically reduces the battery energy consumption.
  • Easy to move: unlike other cameras, Arlo security cameras can be placed anywhere. Move the camera as many times as you want because it’s that easy.
  • Simple installation: Arlo camera kit has everything you’ll need for a quick and simple installation.

The bad about Arlo security camera:

arlo security camera mounting

  • Price: expensive as hell. The cheapest kit is around $199.99, and you’ll end up with only one camera. Fortunately, the kit already includes everything you’ll need for wireless setup.
  • Storage: you can’t save the files you recorded locally. All the videos will be saved on your cloud. All customers start with the “basic” plan, meaning 7 days memory for recordings, not more than 5 cameras to one station, and 1 GB of cloud storage to use within that 7-day period. Not the best deal, isn’t it? Of course Arlo cares about its customers so offers a $9.99/mo. and $14,99/mo. subscriptions that allow for up to 60 days memory for recording, 15 cameras to 3 stations, and up to 100GB cloud storage. Which is great, but $14.99/month..seriously?
  • Battery life: each camera requires 4 CR123a batteries. Arlo promises 3-6 months of battery life with average daily usage limited to 4 minutes. However, some users have the batteries run out after the very first day of use. It might happen if you’ve set the camera outdoors disposing it to a very cold weather. Or simply because you’ve been overusing your daily 4-minute limit. So, let’s say if you want to check on your baby napping, you’ll only have 4 minutes. Otherwise, might as well order $17 new batteries set straight away. Good luck with that.
  • Motion detection: sometimes just doesn’t work properly and starts recording with 2- to 4-second delay. Motion detection works well when a subject crosses rather than approaches the camera. So make sure to let your intruders know how to properly move when getting into your house.
  • Color: Arlo camera only comes in a white finish. Might be a little bit inconvenient if you want to hide it somewhere outside your home.
  • Length of videos preset: you have to pick an arbitrary amount of time you want the camera to record a motion. And no, you can’t preset the camera to record video until the motion ends.
  • Not Enough IFTTT: whenever there is a motion detected, you’ll get an email notification. Unfortunately, that’s the furthest you can go with Arlo’s camera IFTTT option. Wouldn’t it be great if you could preset automatic recording if your alarm system goes off? Well, not with Arlo wireless cameras.
  • Zoom in: is not available.
  • Audio: same story as with zoom in. Not available.

The bottom line:

arlo security camera batteries
Overall, Arlo security camera has a great potential. It’s a little bit pricy, but offers all basic “smart” features, including wireless control, weatherproof design, and HD quality video. More than enough for home security purposes, but definitely not the best choice for baby monitoring. Take your pick.

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