SmartThings vs. Insteon: What’s the Difference?

Smartthings vs. Insteon

Are you trying to choose between SmartThings vs. Insteon? Learn the differences in minutes with our brief and helpful guide.

As home automation becomes more and more popular, we have more companies offering their products. The competition is unreal, and as a result a lot of customers are lost in their choice. Also, because of such rapid growth of technology, some companies can’t compete anymore and have to step out of race. Revolv is a bright example of it. The hub didn’t look good to begin with, but the company had thousands of customers who were pretty unhappy to learn that starting from May 15th 2016, the Revolv hub is no longer functional. And it’s after years of use.

So, once you’ve started looking into home automation, it seems like the most important thing to do would be analyzing the company’s position. But, when we talk about SmartThings vs. Insteon, the two companies have been on a market for more than 10 years and seem pretty steady. However, you never know when the other giant company might just swallow them and leave customers with useless devices.

But, let’s get back to main differences between SmartThings vs. Insteon:

  • Difference # 1: Drapery controlInsteon offers Somfy RF Drape Control Kit which allows you to remotely control blinds, drapes, and other window coverings. It goes without saying that the window coverings must be powered by Somfy RTS and/or Inteo motors.
    SmartThings, on the contrary, doesn’t have this feature. So, depending how far you want to go with your home automation, you can make the right decision choosing between the two systems.
  • Difference # 2: Adjustable ramp rates for dimmers – This difference also goes in favour of Insteon. Basically, with the Insteon dimmer you can program the level of light you want and choose the speed you want the lights to fade on/off.
    Can’t do the same stuff with Smartthing dimmers. So, if you don’t really care at which speed your dimmer will fade on/off lights, then you can just forget about this difference.
  • Difference # 3: Technology – As you’ve noticed, different home automation systems use different technology to operate, that directly influence their compatibility with other products. SmartThings is using WiFi, ZigBee, and Z-Wave, whereas Insteon uses … Insteon technology.
    As a result, if you use, let’s say, Wemo crock pot, you’ll have no problem controlling it with SmartThings hub, whereas you can’t say the same stuff about Insteon. However, there is a way out, you won’t have total control of your crock pot with Insteon, but, if you install Insteon On/Off outlet, you’ll be able just to turn off the crock pot whenever you want by turning off the outlet where the crock pot is plugged in. Not the best way, but kind of works. You can check more compatibility features in the chart below.

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SmartThings vs. Insteon — Main features.

Climate controlYesYes
Drapery controlYesYes
On/Off wall switchYesYes
Energy monitoringYesYes
LED bulbsYesYes
Dimming wall switchYesYes
Motion sensorYesYes
Dimming plug-in moduleYesYes
Low voltage & custom devicesYesYes
Water leak sensorYesYes
Smoke and CO detectionYesYes
Adjustable ramp rates for dimmersYesNo
IOS AppYesYes
Android AppYesYes
Windows Phone AppYesYes

SmartThings vs. Insteon — Compatibility chart.

Since SmartThings and Insteon are using different technology to operate, their compatibility with other smart products vary greatly. A lot of people already have a few smart home appliances in their homes, therefore the choice between SmartThings vs. Insteon might get tougher.

Smart devices:InsteonSmartThings
Samsung SmartCam HD ProNoYes
Nest ThermostatYesNo
Honeywell Lyric ThermostatNoYes
Philips HueNoYes

Since SmartThings is compatible with a huge variety of products, we kept our list short, but you can check the full SmartThings compatible products here.

SmartThings vs. Insteon — The bottom line.

Needless to say, it’s a tough choice. But it all comes to each individual to decide. Both SmartThings and Insteon are great and it just all depends on which smart products you already have or want to buy. I’d say compatibility is the main issue that customers have. So, when choosing between the two, make sure all your appliances can stay connected.

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